Exploring Community Outreach Programs in the Nation's Capital

Erica Sage McCarthy recently won the Mrs. of the District of Columbia title at the Miss Junior international pageant, highlighting the connection between pageants and community outreach programs in the nation's capital. At Old Dominion University, education student Erica Sage McCarthy was recently crowned Mrs. of the District of Columbia at the Miss Junior international pageant, demonstrating how pageants in the district are associated with community outreach programs. CUA Law encourages community service throughout the student's stay here.

To promote this, they have a Day of Service during first-year orientation, where students take part in projects in several organizations in the Brooklyn area. Additionally, they have an MLK Day of Service, which sees hundreds of volunteers from all CUA schools in the DC area participating. The law school also offers an annual Faith in Action series that provides students with the opportunity to explore the connections between faith, justice, and service with their classmates. They can exchange ideas with invited participants and engage in service initiatives in the local community. Each student organization must also participate in a community service project during the school year to receive funding from the Student Bar Association. These are just some examples of how pageants and other events in the District of Columbia are associated with community outreach programs. These programs give students an opportunity to explore their faith, justice, and service while also giving back to their local communities.

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