Preparing for a Washington DC Pageant: An Expert's Guide

Can there be too many attractive young women parading in front of you in swimsuits? As a judge of the Miss District of Columbia pageant, I can tell you that the answer is yes. It was an honor to be part of the selection process, but it was also a responsibility. Teri Galvez, Executive Director of Miss DC, told us that we had to be brutal and that there wouldn't be much time to reflect on our decisions. When the swimwear part started, it felt like someone was shooting beauty queens with a barrel of t-shirts.

One almost perfect young girl after another kept arriving, like chocolates on the fast-paced conveyor belt of Lucy Ricardo's candy factory. Faced with this blitzkrieg of bikinis, a certain selection was necessary. For one participant, I wrote: “I'm not sure about my feet”. Of course, you or I may not be sure how we walk in heels and swimsuits in front of hundreds of strangers, but neither you nor I expect to become Miss America.

I decided that one woman had “bony legs”, another “wavy waist”. If this sounds harsh to you, well, all I can say is that you weren't there. I always thought that the final winner was a consensual choice, the result of judges arguing in a smoky room. It's not like that at all. High and low scores are discarded, votes are tabulated, finalists are determined, and then each judge classifies the finalists.

We couldn't wait to know who the winner would be. It was Ashley Boalch, 23, from Silver Spring, a senior at the University of Maryland. The contest rules allow women who live or work in the District to compete. Ashley is a marketing intern in D. C.

I asked Ashley what makes Miss America perfect. Miss America needs to have “a presence that makes you want to hear it” and have that factor. The Nice Jewish Boy DC contest has become an annual summer staple in D. C., before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and will return in person on Sunday, July 31 after a two-year hiatus. The competition brings together four people of Jewish descent and presents them in a competition where they must perform in a musical or group dance number, show some of their personal talents, answer questions from a panel of judges and make the public (who vote for their favorite contestant) on their side.

How Much Time Do Contestants Have to Prepare for a Washington DC Pageant?

Most people who watch the contests just think that the contestants and winners of the contests are naturally beautiful girls who get out of bed looking fabulous every day of their lives.

But it turns out that they are talented, successful and intelligent people who have plenty of time to volunteer and make an impact in their communities. When you enter your contest and find sponsors to help you mitigate your expenses, it's time to start preparing for the contest. Share information about the event such as date, place, time and any other pertinent details about the event itself. Most new contestants enter contests because they seem like fun but they have no idea how stressful they can be. Very high platform shoes are normal and acceptable in the competition community but when you wear them for a daytime performance or as a volunteer normal people who aren't part of the contest community tend to feel uncomfortable with that look.

This happened because of all the hours contestants spent preparing for the event in many months before it actually happened. Competition coach Joni Nathanson from “Standing Ovation Academy” has been nominated twice for Grammy Awards and has worked with winners from all major systems so she knows what she's talking about when she says that contestants should be in it for the long term and should avoid socializing too much with other contestants as this can lead to exhaustion when it comes time for them to perform on stage. Cali Mullins Mrs US World Washington Elite learned the hard way that there were many more important factors when choosing a ball gown than just making sure it fit her well so contestants should take their time when choosing their outfit for their performance as this can make or break their chances at winning the competition. Every contest is different when it comes to what they want their contestants to do on stage so contestants should make sure they know exactly what is expected from them before they enter any competition.

So how much time do contestants have to prepare for a Washington DC pageant? The answer is plenty! Contestants should start preparing months before the event by finding sponsorships and researching what is expected from them on stage. They should also take their time when choosing their outfit as this can make or break their chances at winning the competition. Finally, they should avoid socializing too much with other contestants as this can lead to exhaustion when it comes time for them to perform on stage.

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