What Are the Judging Criteria for Washington DC Pageants?

The contestants of Washington DC pageants compete for the title of Mrs. Senior DC and to represent the District in the Ms. competition. To be successful, they must demonstrate elegance, poise, and style during the interview, present their philosophy of life, and showcase their evening gowns.

The winner must also be able to play the role of Miss African Union champion, which requires a certain level of confidence, poise, and eloquence. They must be calm, self-confident, speak well, be attractive and pleasant, and embody African femininity. Success is measured differently by everyone. It can be determined by academic degrees, professional achievements, contributions to society, family commitment, and more.

The winners should be women that others aspire to look like. In small competitions such as this one, it is possible that some judges have had previous contact with a delegate in a previous contest or competition or simply in a casual interaction. This is why it is important for contestants to remain professional and unbiased throughout the competition.

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